The Agile Project Funding Platform

Revive the venture spirit and unleash the entrepreneurial potential within your company.

Manage projects
as if they were start-ups

Achieve a perfect fit of culture, innovation mindset, and supporting tools & technology.


From idea to
business success

PLYCE guides you seamlessly through the entire innovation process from idea generation to successful scale-up. In this way, you will not only generate innovative ideas, but also consistently put them into practice.


One platform
for all projects

With PLYCE you keep track of all your ideas and projects on one platform - making them transparent, comparable, and accountable. Whether accelerator, company suggestion scheme or any means of idea management - create a single point of truth for innovation.


Unleash the
venture spirit

PLYCE makes the principles of success of start-ups and venture capital funds available to established companies. Replace extensive planning and uncertain forecasts with minimum viable products, real customer feedback and rapid insight.


Stop budgeting,
start investing

PLYCE simplifies and accelerates the financing of your innovative projects and ideas. Spend less time on inflexible budget rounds and rigid annual planning - focus on investing in measurable value creation.

What are our customers doing with PLYCE?

Project teams



How can agile project funding increase your overall performance?

Size creates inertia

Mature companies may run highly sophisticated business processes, but often loose their agility.

Requirements change rapidly

Despite sophisticated planning, an idea is often outdated long before the project is finished.

Digital transformation is expensive and slow

Even the best ideas may fail, but projects usually run as initially scheduled and often exceed their funding.

There is limited transparency

Which projects deliver business impact? Are there redundant activities? Are learnings shared effectively?

Huge entrepreneurial potential remains untapped

Digital innovation ideas may arise from every employee, but access to management and funding is often sparse.